The Jeep Trackhawk Is Faster Than The Dodge Demon?!

We have previously seen some amazing battles between extremely powerful cars that left us absolutely amazed and thrilled by what we see. Even though we are used to seeing only super cars and some awesome looking classic cars go head to head against each other, what you see in this video is something completely different. We take a look at a thorough explanation of why technically the Jeep Trackhawk is faster than the Dodge Demon. Though many of you might find this to be complete nonsense, take a closer look and see the facts.

The Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk Is Faster Than The Dodge Demon 2

The price of these two awesome cars is about the same, somewhere around $85,000. This is where the fun part begins and we see how is actually possible that the Jeep Trackhawk is faster than the Dodge Demon. Despite being more powerful and having 840 HP compared to the 707 HP of the Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk, the Dodge Demon is in fact slower when it comes to max speed.

Even though the Dodge Demon is much faster at the start of the race as it reaches from 0 to 60 in just 2.3 seconds compared to the Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk and his 3.5 seconds, the massive difference is seen in their top speed. The Dodge Demon stops its max speed somewhere at around 168 mp/h but the Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk is capable of going up to 180 mp/h, technically this would mean that the Jeep is much faster than the Demon.

Check out the video for more information and facts!