The Best Teen Driver Safety Apps

One of the benefits of the ever-continuing enhancements of technology is its ability to make life easier. Monitoring and protecting your teen while they are driving is especially easier with teen driver safety apps. Insurance tracking apps, like Allstate’s Drivewise, are one of the various teen driving apps that help make the task of parenting a bit easier.

Teen driving apps are applications that you can install on your teenager`s phone to monitor or prevent certain behavior or activity that can cause distracted or dangerous driving. There are apps like these that specialize in many different things, but parents mostly use them to divert distracted driving and speeding. 

There are apps that automatically track the teen`s driving once it is installed onto their phone, and there apps that let you see how fast your teenager is driving in real-time. There are even apps that inform you when a child is using their phone while driving. Additionally, apps are available for location tracking and alerts if a crash or accident occurs.

Which app a parent chooses depends on what they feel they need help monitoring.

Apps that Reduce Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is any activity that takes away a driver`s attention from driving. This can be anything from eating and drinking to driving. One of the main ways people drive distracted is by texting while driving.

In states like Georgia, there are hands-free laws that punish drivers who use their phones while operating a vehicle. These laws especially help regulate and stop teenagers from texting and driving. 

Apps that can be used to prevent distracted driving include:

  • Drivemode – When this app is installed, it automatically silences alerts when the car one is operating hits 15 miles per hour. Your calls and texts are all silenced and can send out auto-replies to the calls that are missed while driving. This app is free and is available on both iOS and Android systems.
  • LifeSaver – This is another free app that is available on both iOS and Android systems too. It runs quietly in the background, going active when one starts driving. It is mostly used to provide reports on a driver`s performance and when they were distracted while driving.
  • TextDrive – This is a free app that works on Android systems. It is created to automatically respond to texts and calls that someone gets while driving. You can reply with pre-typed custom messages or respond to the messages and calls with voice commands.

Apps that Reward Good Driving 

Distracted driving has become very common despite the fact that it makes operating a vehicle more dangerous than it already can be. Insurance companies even lose money because of the high number of instances of distracted driving. They have started to offer various rewards and lower rates for teen drivers who drive safely. Organizations outside of companies also offer rewards for good driving. 

Here are some apps that will reward you for your good driving:

  • LifeSaver – This app has already been mentioned, but it is multifunctional, making it noteworthy in this section as well. Outside of locking the phone automatically while someone is driving, it rewards the driver. The “LifeSaver Rewards” function allows parents to set up monthly awards for their teens’ good driving.
  • Down For The Count – Sponsorship is the main functionality of this app. It allows the driver to have sponsors who reward their good driving. The app has to be open to be able to log time while you drive. It will not add mileage or monitor driving if the app is closed. Anyone who wants to encourage safe driving can be sponsors on this app.
  • Insurance driving apps: Several different insurance companies have their own tracking apps that help determine insurance risk. For example, Allstate has an app that monitors a person driving in the background and offers three types of rewards. Those rewards are enrollment discounts, performance rewards, and Allstate Rewards. 

Apps for Safety Monitoring

Though teenagers have grown old enough to operate a vehicle on the road by themselves, their parents are still responsible for their actions, safe or not. Parents cannot be with their teens all the time while they are driving, so some apps are tailored for parents to make it easier for them to consistently monitor their driving habits. 

Here is a list of apps that have functions created with parents in mind:

  • Autobrain – This app was developed by a first responder who wanted to help ensure driver safety. It is available on both iOS and Android systems. If a crash happens, Autobrain automatically alerts 911 immediately, sending them to the teens` exact location. It can also be programmed to notify parents and other guardians of the accident.
  • Life360 – Connects the entire family. It is not limited to just family though, as friends and other groups of people can create their own circle. The app monitors and shares where each member is in real-time. You can also see how fast someone is driving and how long they have been at a location. In addition, it has roadside assistance and crash and emergency response systems.
  • Mama Bear – This app is an all-in-one app that focuses on safety, monitoring, and awareness. Parents can set speed limits, which will notify them when those limits are exceeded. Parents can also get notifications of the time of departure and arrival to a specific location or all locations. It also monitors the activity that is being done while driving. Social media and text messaging are monitored, and notifications are sent to the parents when they are being used while driving.

Choosing the right tracking system is beneficial to keeping one’s teenage driver safe. It also makes it easy. What app you choose to use depends on your family`s needs. 
Regardless of the choice, parents should continuously speak about safe driving with everyone in their family. And check for a good student discount through your car insurance company to help lower your rates.

Imani Francies writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media and specializes in various forms of media marketing.