This Is What Makes the C8 Corvette A Big Deal in The Supercar World!

Supercars are constantly evolving and nearly every decade we see a huge change in them that hits the market like a storm! This was the case with the mighty Ferrari F40 which was the only car that broke the 200 mp/h limit, at least a mass production one, the Lamborghini Miura that introduced the rear mid-engine layout and the Nissan NSX that showed that supercars can be driven each day. We also cannot forget the one and only McLaren F1, the car that paved the way towards exquisite performance i.e. the first hyper car.

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Chevrolet wanted to be part of this great contribution to supercars, thus in July they introduced their amazing C8 Corvette. Upon first glance it seems that C8 has nothing better to offer than any other supercar in today`s market, and to be honest, this is not far from the truth. The supercar market is stunning right now, with cars such as the furious Nissan GT-R, Audi R8 and most certainly the 570S McLaren. All of the mentioned cars offer awesome performance, stunning looks and exciting driving experience. All of these cars seem and look mightier than the C8 Corvette, so what is it that makes this supercar so special?

Well, the first thing that would make you fall in love with the stunning C8 is its price. This is the main reason what would possibly make the car a true gem in the supercar market. Unless you are a multi-millionaire, the chances of you owning an exquisite supercar are fairly slim. Let us put things in perspective for you. People consider that the GT-R R35 is an absolute bargain for a supercar, right? Well, you will be amazed to learn that the base C8 model costs whooping $54,000 LESS than the 2020 GT-R! How about that!

Also, another comparison can be done with the 1st generation NSX. When `the first everyday supercar` hit the market in 1991, its base model cost $62,000. Taking in consideration the inflation rate of the C8`s $59,000, one such model would have cost only $32,000 back in 1991 which is less than half of it! However, you must not forget that we are still speaking about a supercar that has stunning 495 HP, aluminum wishbone suspension and an 8-speed DCT. All of this can be bought for a similar price as the Porsche Cayman.

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Also we must be honest and say that the Corvette always offers great performance values, giving the customer all the perks of a supercar for just a tiny amount of price than any other similar-specs supercar. But there was always something that was lacking, something that did not make the Corvette stand out above its competition. If you offer any child the possibility to choose between a flaming red Ferrari and a furious Corvette, the answer is very clear. It did not matter how good performance-wise this car was, something in its look made it so undesirable among younger people.

The Corvette has been always considered as the perfect dad`s supercar and nothing more. This is exactly what the C8 is trying to change. The stereotype must disappear for good and the C8 is doing the right thing so far. Some Honda fan guys even shared photos of the new Corvette that they have checked out at a Chevrolet dealer. Their reaction was mindboggling and this is yet another proof which shows how good the C8 really is.

Not many people expected a lot from this C8 engine when the first spy videos from Pratt and Miller first surfaced the social media. It simply was not something that represented a `special` supercar in any sense. However, once the car was unveiled many sceptics got caught with the C8 Corvette hype in no time. You can easily tell that the guys from Chevrolet really put their effort into the design, thus finally making the Corvette an all-in-one package. The car now has everything that you could have ever asked for. The C8 was being designed for many years and taking in consideration its performance and its stunning look, it is definitely a supercar to wish for.

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Just like its predecessor, the NSX, this car will definitely cause a huge shake in the supercar market. It has the look, it has the performance and the driveability and most important of all, it has just the right price. Some people have already stated that you would not need the Supra anymore since you have the C8 Corvette. The car is going to set a new limit for car manufacturers, a limit that cannot be achieved by many. Even though the C8 is a mass-produced car, there are not many cars left from the first year of production. Yes, this car is so good that even if you blink for a second, you are going to miss it. The guys from Chevrolet are currently satisfyingly rubbing their hands together knowing that they have just delivered a gem on the supercar market.

Even though no one knows what might happen in the upcoming years, one thing is for sure, the limit for amazing and affordable supercars has been set and other manufacturers will be simply forced to follow it, if they are willing to be part of it of course. All of this information about the car is not easy to get and unless you want to pay for research paper and get the job done immediately, we have gathered the necessary information about the C8 for you. While we are on the same note, there are many people who buy college essays just because making one can sometimes be a real struggle, thus being said, there is always an easier way to do it. You can simply buy it!

Moreover, there are so many photos circling the social media these days and you simply cannot have enough of them. After years of struggling with the car productions, it seems that this C8 Corvette would make any American proud of. You do not have to stop with the production model, however. There is plenty more to discover once you get the car. Remember, you are going to have the finance now to do some aftermarket changes. Customize the wheels, the aero or even the interior and finally own your very own piece of true American beauty.

The gallery below shows a thorough look inside every aspect of the car, both the exterior and the interior. However, we cannot wait to see this stunning car around the streets of our neighborhoods any time soon. The C8 Corvette hype is just beginning to take its furious form!

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