The 2013 Shelby GT350! Power Is On The Street Again!

Power Is On The Street Again With 2013 Shelby GT350

We could say that Shelby it is a synonymous with the Ford Mustang as marshmallows are with the campfires. In contrast of the sweet transient confection that is ready on a stick, the late Carroll Shelby`s name on the placard refer to another performance and premium image. First produced in 1965, as the carmaker`s restricted run – today, a mint concourse quality 1965 Shelby GT 350 is on sale for more than $350, 000, thus we take a look at the 2013 Shelby GT350.

In order to coincide with the 45th anniversary of the 1st Shelby GT350, the Shelby American re-unveiled the GT350 in 2011. Just like the original vehicle, it was only offered in white color joined by blue stripes. Powertrain options were a selection between naturally aspirated 440 hp  and the supercharged 525 hp with or 624 horsepower without the guaranty. Manufacturer’s nickname of the GT350 is a “post-title” package, a term with a meaning for starts out life as a stock Mustang that is changed outside the Ford`s industrial plant.

So, as the 2013 Shelby GT350 enters in its 3rd year, Shelby has made many changes. Automatically, Wilwood brakes are replaced with Baer units and the Recaro seats and a tinted-glass roof are also on the option list. The vehicle is currently offered in the Blue Oval`s manufacturer’s colors, newly designed multi-spoke wheels are offered in  Black or Bright Silver metallic finish as well as the  Silver, Black or Gloss White stripes or Azure Blue Metallic on the Performance White or Ingot Silver. Aesthetically, the design of the car has been additionally modified. Somewhat – keen eyes can note that it really resembles to a  “stock” than was produced last year.

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