This Insane TESLA Security Flaw Will Blow Your Mind To Bits!

We are more than sure Tesla is not very satisfied with this video being released. However, we believe in the truth and represent it to the fullest. In this case, Tesla owners must perceive that there is a very significant security flaw on their Model X cars. Thanks to a YouTuber that goes by the name of Salomondrin, this flaw is now unveiled. To be more precise, the security risk can be found in the Tesla`s trunk mounted at the front. So, after watching this video, you will think twice before leaving items in this trunk. He demonstrates how easy it is for a thief to open the trunk and steal everything you have inside. Salomondrin, who has more than half million subscribers on his channel, opens the trunk with only the help of a screwdriver.

With the use of a screwdriver, a regular passerby can unmount the plastic cover. After unmounting the cover, two fabric loops are revealed. This is located right behind Model X`s grille. After this is done, the thief needs to only give the loops a nice firm pull and voila – the trunk opens. This leaves anything put in the trunk ripe for stealing. You wouldn`t know what hit you. This is a very fast maneuver. When the alarm turns on, the thief will be gone in a second, making you believe it is just a false alarm. This is a very serious security flaw on Tesla`s Model X indeed. We hope Tesla is going to sort this out quickly.

Tesla might have this one flaw, but it is also the King of hidden features! Check out this link!