SRT Viper vs Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series! (Video Inside)

What these supercars, the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series and SRT Viper have in common? The answer is: front engine, long hood, a rear-wheel-drive and of course an engine of about 600 hp. They do not have in common these: the price of SRT Viper is $97,395 and the price of SLS Black Series is $275,000. It there any particular reason for that big gap in the price?

In the video below you can see if the SLS Black Series really worth for the money and putted face to face to a SRT Viper. At first the track was real world canyon carving, than on a 1/4 mile drag race, and at the end hot laps at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. What do you you think who will win?

Finally, check out these amazing Viper cars, and admire how beautiful they are on this link!

SRT Viper vs Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series 3