Spy Images Of The Jaguar XF L Available Only For Chinese Customers!

As far as we can notice by looking at these images, there are no significant discrepancies between Jaguar XF and Jaguar XF L. Only the back windows have been lengthened a little bit. In addition. The base for this automobile is supposed to be the exact same aluminum one as the regular XF. Moreover, this British automobile will be available in both RWD and AWD variants.

Jaguar XF L Only For China 1

Jaguar XF L Only For China 4

Also, several engine types will be on disposal to choose from. For starters, the 2.0 liter diesel Jaguar Ingenum engine that will produce between 163 and 180 horsepower, depending on what the customers will choose from. Next, a 3.0 liter V6 diesel motor amplified with twin turbo system delivering 300 horsepower and also even mightier 3.0 liter V6 motor with a supercharger!

Finally, check out this review on the car!

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