Should I consult a lawyer after a car accident?

Car accidents stir confusion and it`s not always easy to tell if you should lawyer up after your fender bender.  The severity of the accident will play a role in whether or not to consult a lawyer. Car accidents have killed 40 people in Denver this year, and for those who may have died in an accident due to the negligence of another, lawyers can help families recuperate what`s owed to them after an accident.

Should I consult a lawyer after a car accident 1

Calling a Personal Injury Lawyer

No one wants to be in a car accident but when it happens it`s important to be prepared. Small accidents could carry lingering effects that double your expenses and large accidents could cause you major injuries and property damages.

When should I consult a lawyer after a car accident?

After you`ve been involved in an accident you may feel disoriented at first but consulting an expert Denver car accident lawyer could support you through this daunting experience. Experts recommending that you consider consulting a Denver car accident lawyer if one of the following occurred because of an accident:

  • You`ve suffered an injury
  • Your property was damaged
  • You received costs because of the accident
  • You`ve missed time from work and lost wages
  • It`s not obvious who is at-fault
  • Someone died in the accident
  • The accident happened in a special area like a construction zone or a school zone
  • The paperwork reporting the accident appears inaccurate
  • The insurance company isn`t cooperating with you

How do Personal Injury Lawyers get paid?

Most personal injury lawyers get paid contingently meaning they don`t get paid unless you win or settle your case. Denver personal injury lawyers offer free consultations to those who may have recently been in an accident and are looking to recover their damages. Contingency fees can go up to 33% so a lawyer may get a third of whatever you`re awarded in your win or settlement. Lawyers are not cheap but speaking with them is free and may clear up if you need a lawyer in your case.

Handling My Own Case

Small collisions may not require the services of an attorney. Let`s say there`s an accident but your vehicle isn`t damaged, you and your passengers did not sustain any injuries, and no one missed any significant time from work or school. In that case, you wouldn`t need a professional attorney to represent your case.

It never hurts to seek a consultation with an attorney because what you deem to be fair may overlook future expenses that you could accrue. Car accident lawyers have experience seeing cases similar to yours and can offer insight at your free consultation about if you need their support.

Benefits of Car Accident Attorneys

Car accident attorneys provide loads of benefits to their clients. They offer invaluable support to their clients in their time of need, give direction on how to handle your case, and fight on their behalf for the compensation they`re justly owed. Denver car accident attorneys could also provide the following benefits:

  • Correspond with insurance companies on your behalf
  • File legal documentation and maintain records
  • Answer legal questions about your case
  • Conduct an investigation
  • Apply the distinctions of the law to your case for maximum recuperation 
  • Negotiate with insurers and arrange a settlement
  • Defend your case in court if necessary