Security Mistakes Muscle Cars Owners Make

After spending a massive amount of money meticulously building a unique muscle car and enjoying some adrenaline-filled road trips, you are likely quite attached to your ride. So, if you haven`t thought about safeguarding your muscle car from theft yet, you should do so immediately, to sustain your action-packed way of life. Learning the common, but costly, security mistakes that muscle car owners make will help you protect your investment and have peace of mind. And remember, the stats show that once a muscle or classic car gets stolen, the chances of recovering it are next to zero. So here are some of the most common mistakes you should try not to make. 

Not Updating the Locks

A good number of muscle car owners stick with the original locks their cars came with. Even if your ride was in pristine condition when you bought it, you still need to replace the locks. You may trust the guys who sold you the ride, but you don’t know how many copies of the keys were made before you owned it.  

Cars with old locking mechanisms are quite easy to open, so the thief wouldn`t even need sophisticated techniques to access your car. Work with a car locksmith Ottawa professional to swap out the locks with a modern and secure system. A professional locksmith will source the parts directly from the manufacturer and install them correctly, protecting your ride from a break-in.

Failing to Install an Alarm

While many modern cars come with a security alarm, the same can`t be said for cars that were built in the 60s and 70s. Despite the risk, most muscle car owners haven`t installed an alarm. Car thieves know this, and you don’t want them to catch you unprepared. An alarm not only deters a thief, but also alerts you and anyone around the vehicle that something is wrong. 

You don’t have to ruin the looks of your car with a highly visible alarm. Today, there are alarms that can be installed in a discreet part of your ride and still offer exceptional security service. There are even better smart alarm systems that can be configured to send notifications to you by SMS. Also, deter thieves from choosing your car by adding a sticker saying the vehicle is alarmed.

Bad Storage and Parking Habits

You may feel the irresistible urge to show off your muscle car by parking it where it`s most likely to receive some attention. But, the truth is, if you aren’t driving your ride, it needs to be behind locked doors. And not just that, any door that leads to your car’s storage location should have deadbolts. 

For garage doors, invest in a top-quality padlock, take the garage door remote with you, install a garage shield to cover your garage door`s emergency release, and use a garage door sensor that automatically closes the door when you forget. For added security, you can install an alarm, film the windows, add motion sensor lights, and invest in a security camera. When outdoors, avoid parking in isolated or poorly-lit areas.

Not Installing a Tracker

Muscle and classic car thieves are not your average criminals. These individuals have an extensive range of skills, and they can easily bypass most security measures. So, it`s your duty to make their work difficult, and in the worst-case scenario, increase your chances of finding your lost vehicle. A vehicle tracker will help you do just that.

Sadly, most muscle car owners ignore this precaution, feeling they`ll never need it. Yet, it`s your only hope if you happen to have your car stolen. A high-quality and well-concealed vehicle-grade GPS tracker will tell you the precise location of your ride and instantly notify you by phone when someone attempts to tamper with your vehicle.

Reassess Your Security

It`s better to take too many precautions than to regret not having enough later. More security layers mean even a high-caliber thief will be deterred or perhaps lack the know-how to steal your car. If they do manage to get access, increased security means they will not get very far with your stolen vehicle. Now`s the time to upgrade the security for your muscle car.