RV Road Trip Planning Tips Your Family Will Love

In the United States, approximately 11 million households own a recreational vehicle. Many people take these RVs on road trips throughout the year. However, many campers don’t know the best techniques when planning an RV road trip. Knowing some helpful tips will ensure your trip goes smoothly and is filled with excitement for the whole family. Continue reading to learn about some RV road trip planning tips to use this summer! 

Set a Budget

Before planning an RV trip, you must create a realistic budget. Creating a budget will ensure you have enough money for the entire trip. A few things to budget for include:

  • Food
  • Emergencies
  • RV issues
  • Recreational activities
  • Campground fees

Always budget more money than you think you’ll need. This extra money will help with any unexpected costs throughout the trip. 

Know Your RV

Knowing your RV is a crucial aspect to consider before leaving for your road trip. Most importantly, you must understand how to maneuver your RV.

Towing an RV can be challenging, especially for those who are inexperienced. Always practice beforehand in a safe environment to ensure you understand the towing concept. You’ll need to practice turning, backup up, and parking.  

Since RVs differ in size and shape, you’ll need to learn about your specific model. For example, fifth wheels are usually much larger than most towable RVs. These fifth wheels have different features, hookups, and vehicle requirements. 

Plan Your Route

RV trip planning revolves around your destinations and the route you expect to travel. Planning your route before leaving will help avoid confusion and delays throughout your trip. 

Start by listing the destinations you’d like to visit on your vacation. Your route should include these locations while taking an efficient path. Remember, not every road is RV friendly, meaning you’ll need to find roads that are easily accessible. 

Reserve Camping Spots

Spring and summer are the peak camping seasons throughout the country. Therefore, you’ll need to reserve your camping spot as soon as possible to ensure you have a place to stay. Many campgrounds sell out quickly during these times. 

After planning your route, research campgrounds in each area you plan on staying. Remember, you may have to adjust your path if no campgrounds are available. 

Bring the Essentials

Your RV trip plan must include packing the essentials. These essentials are necessary to ensure you have a safe road trip. Some RV essentials include:

  • Tools
  • Sewer hoses
  • Water hoses
  • Extension cords
  • Propane
  • Stabilizer jack stands

As an RV owner, you need to ensure you have these essentials on each trip you take. Campgrounds do not provide this equipment, and it may be difficult to find in some areas. 

Essential RV Road Trip Planning Tips

These RV road trip planning tips will ensure there are no issues on your next adventure! Hopefully, you and your family are enjoying your next camping vacation as soon as possible. 

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