RV Blows Tire While Towing A Pickup Truck!

Check out this RV Blows tire while towing a pickup truck!  This actually happen because the guy in the RV hit the brakes right after the tire blows up, instead of decreasing the speed and then take his foot off the gas. Then he should go to a gradual stop. We think this accident was a operator’s error.

RV Blows Tire While Towing A Pickup Truck 2

However, as we all know one of the most common reason for tires blowing on the highway is under inflation. Because with increasing the speed, the tire gets very hot and sidewalls of the tire gets damaged… When a front tire blows on a large vehicle it’s very hard to control. So, that’s why you should always check your front tires, see if they are inflated properly before you go on a trip. You must do a 30 minutes pre-trip and that can safe your life. And finally we are glad everyone inside this RV only sustained minor damage.

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