Renault-Nissan & Microsoft starts to use Azure for connected cars!


The Renault-Nissan & Microsoft signed an agreement for several years in order to develop connected cars and special productivity tools with the Azure cloud. This strategic partnership between Renault-Nissan Alliance and Microsoft is to develop features and to launch a set of more than ten
autonomous cars by 2020. Azure cloud from Microsoft will
supports a lot of operating systems, grade security, programming tools and languages providing a platform for Renault-Nissan alliance to develop new connected cars.

Renault-Nissan Microsoft starts to use Azure for connected cars 1

Prepaway -- Why Microsoft 70-486 Exam is So Popular?

Have you ever wondered why everywhere you go you get to hear about Microsoft and its certifications? The reason is that Microsoft products, services, and exams are unique and always meet the expectations of the user. In addition, candidates for Microsoft exams are taken through a rigorous process of exam preparation that make them turn out as skilled experts.

One of the most popular exams are the Microsoft 70-486 exam. This Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications exam is the last of the two exams required to attain the MCSA: Web Applications certification. As a first step towards this credential, you need to opt for either 70-480 or 70-483 exam. we take you through the reasons why 70-486 Microsoft exam is so popular, we`d like to first give you the details of this exam. From this post, you`ll learn the objectives, target audience, the number of questions and also the cost of the exam among other details. In addition, in this article, you`ll find the information on how to pass 70-486 certification test successfully.

Microsoft 70-486 Exam Objectives

This exam evaluates your understanding and skills in the following areas:

  • Designing the application infrastructure
  • Designing the build as well as deployment architecture
  • Designing of user experience
  • Developing user experience
  • Troubleshooting and debugging of web applications
  • Designing and implementing security

Who`s is the Target Audience for Microsoft 70-486 Exam?

The exam is for those candidates and professionals who are skillful enough in working with such technologies as Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Core. You should also have at least three years of experience developing solutions that are MVC-based.

Microsoft 70-486 Exam Details

  • Question format: Questions may include multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, build lists, case studies, active screen, and review questions
  • Number of questions: 40-60
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Pass score: 700/1000 points
  • Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, German and Portuguese
  • Exam Cost: $165
  • Exam Registration and Scheduling: Pearson VUE

Tips to Pass Your Microsoft 70-486 Exam

  • Schedule your exam early and make sure you begin preparation early
  • Prepare a study plan and follow it strictly
  • Make sure you understand the exam objectives
  • Enroll for a Microsoft 70-486 course
  • Use study guides for 70-486 exam
  • Practice with past exam questions using practice tests
  • Train with exam dumps- files created by real exam takers
  • Find a discussion group by connecting with other candidates taking the same exam as you
  • Have enough rest the night before your exam. This will ensure that you`re fully alert as you take your exam
  • Read exam instructions and questions carefully
  • Ensure you answer all exam questions

Why Microsoft 70-486 Exam is So Popular

As demand for website development services goes up, more and more developers are taking up the challenge to acquire expert skills. This ensures that their expertise continues to remain relevant in the marketplace. This is what has made credentials like the MCSA: Web Applications even more popular. Here are more reasons why the Microsoft 70-486 exam continues to be more popular:

  1. Globally Recognized Vendor

Microsoft takes the lead in provision of IT products and services in the IT sphere. You can`t miss seeing a Microsoft product in every office or institution you visit. This shows that this vendor is a technology provider that cannot be ignored. Any professional associated with Microsoft cannot fail to be noticed because of their skills. Microsoft certifications come with prestige. This way you`ll be recognized wherever you go.

  • Most In-demand Skills

Experience with developing web applications, using ASP.NET technology is among the most sought-after skills by employers. Businesses require innovative apps to help them in running efficiently. Professionals who have passed 70-486 exam are known to be highly skillful and can provide hands-on solutions when called upon. This is why employers prefer professionals who have passed this certification test and have attained the MCSA Web Applications credential.

  • Job Opportunities

Professionals know that they can easily get jobs once they have passed this exam. This is because employers prefer professionals who have attained MCSA Web Applications credential. More and more candidates are seeking to become experts in developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications. As a professional with this MCSA certification, you can work as a web developer or a web administrator.

  • Increased Earning Potential

As you enhance your skills, the possibility of you earning a better salary also becomes more real. Advanced skills in developing web applications using ASP.NET technology will motivate your employer to add you advanced tasks that will lead to a salary increment.

Promotions at work always come with an increase in one`s salary. This is what has made more professionals to go for the Microsoft 70-486 thus making it more popular. Any of the positions that come with attaining these skills attract a salary of up to $75,487 per annum according to Glassdoor.

  • Room to Advance to a Higher Certification

Every professional seeks for qualifications that provide them with room to grow. The opportunity that you get by passing your 70-486 exam cannot be underestimated. Once you pass this exam, you can always go to the next step by acquiring more skills.

This is the step that leads to the MCSD: App Builder certification. To attain this credential, you`ll have to pass the Microsoft 70-487 exam. Many prefer any certification path that allows for growth and advancement.

  • Lifetime Certification

Once you`ve attained your MCSA certification, you`re free to use it for a lifetime. It doesn`t require any renewal since it doesn`t expire. This fact has made this credential more popular because professionals know that once they have earned it, they won`t have to spend money on it again in renewing it.

Final Thoughts

If you want to stand out from your peers, then the MCSA: Web Applications is the certification to go for. To design efficient apps, you must pass the Microsoft 70-486 exam after taking either 70-480 or 70-483 test. The IT world is friendly to those who can adapt to change and are always up to date with evolving technologies.

You`ll always meet with great opportunities, that will enhance your career and your individual goals. Thus, with the MCSA Web Applications certification you can opt for the MCSD App Developer credential and enjoy the benefits.

So, what are you waiting for? Take 70-486 exam and build your successful career in IT, as it`s one popular exam that you can`t afford to miss.