Insane Footage: GoPro Captures QM-1 NASA Rocket Engine Smoke Ring Before Melting!

The worldwide use of GoPro has delivered some astonishing moments caught on tape. There are many insane moments caught on tape by these diminutive action cameras. In this one, we have one perfect example of such a moment that is delivered by the developer of space technologies – Orbital ATK. They placed a GoPro camera just 25 feet away from a nozzle of their insane QM-1 NASA rocket engine during a firing test in a desert located in Utah some 2 years ago. The power of the rocket engine`s exhaust eventually completely melted the firm camera`s housing and annihilated the GoPro.

Nevertheless, the memory card somehow managed to survive and the video was salvaged. This gigantic QM-1 NASA rocket engine delivers thrust of around 3.6 MILLION pounds. Because of this, it has a foam plug fitted in the nozzle in order to keep out all kinds of debris. However, when the ignition was activated, the plug exploded, creating a staggering smoke ring that was captured by this GoPro camera in a single frame. This is before the gigantic eruption of flames which caused the GoPro camera to melt. This rocket engine is designed to allow astronauts to explore various targets in deep space.

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