Preventing Semi-Truck Accidents: What You Need to Know

When you`re on the road, you should take safe and logical actions around trucks to dramatically decrease your potential chances of having a terrible truck accident. Remember, even if the truck drivers act recklessly or make common mistakes, take basic truck accident preventative measures to make sure you`re not in harm`s way. FMCSA data highlights that over 80% of injury-related truck accidents and more than 70% of serious truck accidents stem from collisions with a transport vehicle. Most truck accidents come into play because of the negligence of passenger vehicle drivers.

Safety on the Road Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents 1

Best Practices and Tips to Prevent Semi-Truck Accidents

Avoid “No Zone” Blind Spots for Trucks

Passenger vehicles have to be wary of a couple of blind spots. However, truckers deal with massive blind spots. Truck companies refer to these as “No-Zone” areas. Be smart and cautious when you`re on the move. It means always pass “on the left” to get proper visibility. Before you decide to pass or change lanes, you`ll get a chance to see the other driver`s mirror side.

It involves overtaking quickly during passing. A semi-truck driver also shouldn`t stay in a space where other truckers cannot see it. The other truck driver might make maneuvers or change lanes that can escalate into a possible impact.

Be Patient

Don`t forget that trucks make slow and wide right turns. In fact, safe semi-truck driving is all about perseverance. Trucks take their time to slow down and accelerate. Now, if you`re in a situation where another truck is in your way, be rational, patient, and smart.

In some cases, it may seem like other truckers or passenger vehicles are braking before it is necessary. Consider that the other truck probably needs more time to speed up. Make sure to consider and maintain a long stopping distance when you`re maneuvering around other trucks in traffic.  

Give Enough Room to Other Trucks

Professional truck drivers concur that it takes some mindfulness and common sense to avoid potential accidents. So, when you come in front of another truck, don`t cut it off by getting to the front. In fact, it would put the other truck into the blind spot.

Truckers should also leave some room to brake to make sure they can stop on time and not collide with other trucks or passenger vehicles. 

Avoid tailgating another truck that might lead to a blind spot. Also, don`t ride beside another truck crossing your lane, which leads to sudden curbs and wide turns.

Pass Quickly, Yet Safely

Of course, you mustn`t speed recklessly, weave across traffic lanes, or break common roadway rules. Make sure to protect yourself when you`re bypassing another truck.

You can step onto the speed to get over another truck, but make sure you do it without hanging around next to it for an extended period. The best advice you`ll get from pro truckers is to move slowly. And it applies even when you become a professional truck driver.

Of all the warnings and advice, the one that truckers should consider and follow the most is slowing down when they can and speeding up only when it`s safe.

Sum Up

Semi-truck drivers can`t control all the elements on the road. However, semi-truckers can take simple considerations to avoid getting into horrible accidents that escalate into uncomfortable situations. Some accidents are worse off when vehicles continue to be in the path and make the situation worse. If you have been in a truck accident, you should contact a truck accident attorney in Orange County. 

Truck drivers should plan to stay safe when they`re on the road. A truck driver maneuvering 80,000 lb on the highway can, in fact, avoid significant semi-truck accidents. In hindsight, all it takes is to follow preventative tips to avoid major semi-truck accidents.