Overhead Cam at 14,000 RPM!

If you have ever wondered what is it like to take a look inside an engine while performing at 14,000 RPM, watch the following video with this overhead cam.

overhead cam 14k rpm 4

Watching such engine in action is not something you see everyday especially if you take a look inside it. In this 3 minutes video we see the performance from start to finish. This engine is a cutaway from a BMW S1000RR, which is a 193 HP superbike. The sound it creates is even much cooler to listen to. It immediately speeds up and we see oil leaking and shooting from the cylinders.

The springs go up and down in a subtle motion. Only shortly after the engine gains speed and it is view you can simply enjoy it.

The rotations go as much as 14,200 per minute and the video pixels could not handle the speed. That is why after half of the video, it looks as if the springs are not moving at all. This is due to the speed. The sight is amazing and we can see even smoke coming out from the cylinders. The smoke intensifies by the end of the video but what these guys managed to capture on a video is utterly beautiful.

The overhead cam makes it look even better. What do you think, would you like to take a look at a different engine with such cutaway and what engine would that be? Nonetheless this is a video you simply could not stop watching at!

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