LAMBO Doing DONUTS & DRIFTS At Japanese D1 Championship!

I think that those of you who are following our supercars section more thoroughly, as well as the drifting video clips that we are showing you regularly, have probably noticed that we have not had a video that features a Lamborghini beauty in drifting action for quite some time now. But, today we are going to change that, as we have prepared another cool footage with one jaw-dropping model of the Lamborghini, having a lot of fun in the parking lot during the Japanese D1 Championship (so is the video info telling us) .

Unfortunately, we do not have any official information about this Lambo beast (because the video hasn`t provided any), when it comes to the car`s specs, so we will not get into any speculations about it. Well, just a little bit. Taking into an account that we have had a few glimpses of the new Daigo Saito`s Lamborghini drift beast, we think that this is his Lamborghini Murcielago, and it is he who is behind the wheel in this video too. But even if that`s not the case for sure, the main thing about this video is to enjoy watching this awesome hypercar doing donuts, as it leaves the garage and it is preparing to blow off some steam before the drifting battle.

So, without bothering you with any unnecessary chit chats about it, just check out the following video and have a look at this awesome Lambo beast in action at the D1 Championship and have fun watching it! And if you want to see more Lamborghini drifting action, go to this link and enjoy one truly awesome video.