Leaked Footage of the Star Wars 7 Movie Set! 7M VIEWS!

Check Out This Leaked Footage of the Star Wars 7 Movie set! The video has 7M VIEWS already! How lucky you have to be when you accidentally run into the middle of a movie set? Let us put it this way, enormously lucky, gigantically lucky, immensely lucky and we can go this way to infinity and beyond! However, this is not a question of an ordinary movie set yet it is about STAR WARS EPISODE 7!!! This guy took this video on the Frankfurt Airport in Germany on his flight back to US. As you can see the main key role is played on the biggest German airport! Apparently the movie is not fully shot in Hollywood. Now everything looks even more real than it is presented in the film! Imagine seeing all of these things with your own eyes! We cannot still believe it is true. It looks so unreal!

What do you think? We are sure that every Star Wars fan would love this car!

Enjoy the video below!

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