EPIC NEAR DRIFT ERROR! Drifter Nearly Went To The Crowd!

We all know well that drifting can be very dangerous (the latest example of Russian drift driver Eugene Kern drift error is the best proof of that), but this does not apply only for the drivers, but also for the spectators, as the video that you are about to see is showing us. Sometimes a man can loose his head in a split of a second, just when he is the least expecting it. After you finish watching the following video, you will get the chills and feel the whole body freezing to death.

What we have here is one of those moments in life when your whole life is flashing through your eyes and you know that this is it! Fortunately for everybody, things in this video do not end so drastically and fatally, but yet, it would be no exaggeration when I call it a near death experience.

There are several guys watching the drift championship from a very close distance, among them there is a cameraman who is trying to get a good photo. All of a sudden, one of the drivers is loosing control, thus makes a drift error and goes to everybody who are watching behind the barrier. Take a look…

At last, these guys enjoy playing drifting behind reporters’ backs! 

Enjoy the video below!

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