Dramatic Footage From A Ship Being Battered By Strong Waves!

No matter how much powerful and big the ship is, strong waves and rough waters should not be underestimated. We think this video will make you seasick just by looking at it. In fact, it will make your heart beat a million miles per hour and give you a lot of anxiety filled with panic attacks. It shows us how powerless we are when compared to Mother Nature. So even if you love the ocean, this video will definitely give you second thoughts. We have shared this type of videos before, but we think that this one definitely takes the (sea)biscuit.

Ship Being Battered By Strong Waves 12

You`ll see a huge ship in the middle of the ocean being constantly battered by huge stormy waves. By looking at it, we think this might be a military boat.

This footage captures the strong waves perfectly as they are thrashing against the ship in a scene that looks like taken out of a Hollywood blockbuster. If this ship really is military, we guess the crew on the ship have nerves of steel and are used to frightening conditions at sea such as this one. Nevertheless, it can`t be an easy situation no matter how many times you have experienced something like this. Many ships that hunt lobsters or tuna are also exposed to frightening conditions at sea such as this. We know tuna and lobster is delicious, however, this is definitely sheer madness and we got nothing but respect for people who make this their job. Being constantly exposed to such frightening conditions is definitely no joke.

Finally, see exactly how it feels to hit the waves at the North Sea!