Guess Who’s Back On November 18?! The Official Trailer Of The GRAND TOUR Amazon Show Is Here!

The three British gearheads who left Top Gear last year after Clarkson was sacked due to punching a producer are only weeks from coming to Amazon Prime. They are back with their own show named “Grand Tour” and judging by this here trailer, it`s going to be amazing. This trailer of the Grand Tour Amazon show is very special because it`s bringing us the most expansive look we have had at the show. The hype for this show is enormous ever since Clarkson and the boys signed a deal with Amazon Prime in July 2015. That anticipation now boils over with this trailer. It`s going to include everything we`ve ever wanted.

As you`d expect, the show picks up a couple of traits from their former show on BBC. For example, vastly luxurious supercars, terrible suits, explosions and some contentious grooming. However, these guys possess what Top Gear at the moment severely need – chemistry! The new Grand Tour Amazon show debuts with its first episode on 18 November. One episode will land per week. It`s filmed all over the world and we are sure that will bring many excitements to quench the thirst of every gearhead. Check out the video below and tell us what you think. Will it be better than their previous show on BBC?

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