World’s Most Amazing Sleepers!

We all love checking out what people have done once their ride has been fully restored and modified. They never fail to impress us; hence our need for more and more never stops. Hereby, we check out yet another video in which we present you some of the most amazing sleepers in the world. Sleepers are known for simply wiping away modern super cars with their speed and power.

Most Amazing Sleepers 2

First up we take a look at the mighty Audi 200 Avant 20v. This hefty car, even though it does not look so, can make whooping 440 WHP. We get to see it in action and it looks absolutely stunning. It roars its engine while at the same time shooting flames from its exhaust. It even goes head to head with the BMW M3 F80. The list of amazing sleepers continues with the extremely powerful Volvo PV544 that has a B230 engine with turbo. To put it in perspective, this monster is capable of making more than 500 HP.

Even though we do not know much about the specs of the next car, it is still worth taking a look. The Mercedes W124 Wagon has a 3.0L OMXXX engine that performs unlike any other such car. But our next car is what we are all excited about. It is an Audi 80 B2 2.2L 20v turbo engine that is capable of making staggering 902 HP. Check out the full video and check out the rest amazing sleepers!

Finally, if you are looking for more such vehicles, click here to expand your list!