Even those muscle cars enthusiasts who do not consider themselves as a hardcore Detroit muscle aficionados and Gearheads, and who really do not have a certain brand or a specific muscle car model that they can call it as the most favorite, know well and in most cases, cannot remain indifferent to the legendary Mopar power! And believe me, I`m not saying this just to spike some guys who are big time `Stang fans (for example), and others, or because I`m a declared Mopar fan myself (with a special accent on the Dodge models, or the Dodge Coronet for that matter. The fact of the matter is that all of the surveys that were made are showing these results. People who know at least a thing or two about cars in general, are well aware about the quality and the high standards that Mopar engineering had set in the past and it is still maintaining it.

And the reason why I`m saying that on this occasion is because today we have prepared for you another video that will show us one of the legendary vintage Mopar beasts in action. A highly tuned Dodge Coronet with a HEMI V8 engine that is boosting over 850 HP! The clip was made about three years ago, and it shows us the best Quarter-Mile pass made by a Dodge Coronet in the S4S Global Drag Racing League by that moment. And as you could have read in the title, you already know that we are talking about a pass that is in the 10-second barrier.

So have a look at the video below and see this awesome vintage Mopar beast in action! And if you want to learn something more about the Coronet (as well for the Super Bee), go to this link.