This Is What Will Happen If You Put A Wrong FUEL Into Your Car!

Taking good care of your car is essential if you want it to perform properly and to drive it for a long time. Many people often forget to do basic maintenance on their car which will undoubtedly affect the car in a bad way. One of the most common mishaps drivers have with their cars is misfueling, or putting the wrong kind of fuel inside the fuel tank!

Misfueling Your Car 4

This can lead to some costly repairs afterwards, and everyone should be careful when fueling up. If this has never happened to you, and you wondered what happens if you misfuel, we are here to help you out! According to statistics, men are more prone to misfueling than women. Sometimes, your insurance will cover any problems that can arise from misfueling, but oftentimes they will not.

If you are driving a car that should have unleaded fuel, and you put diesel in it, it isn`t that bad. The car can still be driven, although it might bounce. If you put unleaded again, it will return back to normal!

Putting unleaded in a diesel car however, has much different results. If you are curious what happens when unleaded is put in a diesel car, watch the video below and find out!

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