What Will Mercedes Benz 2020 Be Like? Olla Kallenius Gives Us The Answers!

Olla Kallenius, Mercedes Benz` first man in the area of Sales & Marketing, was asked about a very interesting topic. About Mercedes Benz 2020 future!

Mercedes Benz 2020 9

Before answering the question, he highlighted that the New York Auto Show is from great importance to them!

Mercedes Benz 2020 2

Regarding to the Mercedes Benz 2020 question, Kallenius was quite strict. We have a lot to expect from Mercedes-Benz by the end of 2020. Mercedes invests a lot of money in reducing diesel emissions since the VW scandal. Moreover, they are very investing-friendly towards e-mobility and safe driving cars! Moreover, we are to expect a hydrogen car by the end of 2019!

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