Second Fastest American GTR! 8.1 Seconds @ 176 MPH!

Regardless on the fact whether we love them or not, we all got to admit that the Nissan GTR is one of the fastest cars in the world, and that the speed is at the core of its existence, so that is why we are used on watching videos with incredibly fast Nissan GTR models. But just as within every other car models, there has got to be the fastest example, the record holder, the most beautiful one, etcetera. And today we are going to show you a video from the drag strip performance of the second best American GTR (as the video is also called), that achieves one hell of a great result of 8.1 second at 176 mph.

The event where this cool GTR R35 did it is at the Texas Speed Syndicate, which has become one of the best known events in the United States. And this fast American GTR that you will watch in the video is a product of AMS modifications. As you have read it in the title, this is the second fastest Nissan GTR time ever achieved (the very best, the fastest one is also an AMS product). So without further adieu, check out the video and see what a great job these guys had done with this GTR example.

For more information about the Texas Speed Syndicate, check out this link.