MARS Diesel Engine Is Started Up For The First Time In 50 Years!

What is so good about the vintage machinery is the fact that you never know what to expect, and such was the case with this video where couple of guys start up for the first time in 50 years and bring back to life the MARS Diesel Engine. Most of you have probably never heard about it, but this engine was built in Australia was mostly used for industrial purposes, such as powering up line shafts in factories which powered number of machines.

MARS Diesel Engine 2

These men acquired this 5 HP MARS Diesel Engine from a cane farmer in Queensland, Australia back in the 70s. After period of well over 50 years, they decided that it was finally time to give this beast new life and start it up.

It needs great labor just to get the engine going a bit, but that does not guarantee you that it will start up. As it is stated in the video description, the MARS Diesel Engine does not have a spark plug and runs purely on compression. It has a 3 inch diameter crankshaft. But once this engine is up and running, it seems that nothing can stand on its way. It makes a roaring sound that can be heard from miles away. But its originality is what makes this MARS Diesel Engine so unique. You could even see remains from the original factory paint on it. This piece of an utter gem demands full mechanical as well as exterior restoration, what do you think?