Long Range Electric Bikes: Details You Can’t Miss

Electric bikes are becoming a popular choice for long-distance travelers. However, easier said than done. Identifying a qualified long range electric bike is no easy task. Compared with a regular ebike designed to meet daily uses, there are many other factors to consider in purchasing a long range electric bike, even some of which you may have hardly paid attention before. Therefore, for our potential buyers who are desperately needing a long range ebike, you might find this page useful in giving you an idea about how to choose a qualified electric bike specializing in long range cycling and drawing your attention to the details you may never notice before.

What kind of electric bicycle is more suitable to use when we are going on a long-distance trip?

Other than the advantages of a regular ebike, the performance assessment of a long range electric bike should weigh in terms of load capacity, battery life and riding comfort. Seemingly, these three factors are common sense for an experienced buyer, yet it counts even more in choosing a long range ebike and this page will tell you why.

Load capacity is the most commonly ignored factor of an ebike. Many friends may not realize that there is a huge distinction between electric bikes with a large load capacity and those with little or none for a distant outing. City commuters may find it satisfying to cruise with a light loaded ebike, but it is not the case for long-distance travelers. They have to carry sufficient supplies such as water, food and rainwear to keep them fed and warm, whose weight will largely contribute to the total load on the electric bike. If it is not properly handled, the ebike frame could easily be deformed by too much pressure, impairing the performance of your bike. Therefore, in order to secure pleasurable cycling, you may want to choose an electric horse with a thick and solid frame as well as a large load capacity.

Following this logic, whether it is possible to install racks and fenders is another detail to check on when you are choosing a long-distance electric bike, because your bike needs auxiliary equipment to carry such loads mentioned above. After all, you cannot expect to pack all necessities into a backpack. Racks are designed to free your back and help you race with wind, then have it! By the way, it is not cool to be sandwiched by bags and sweat on the scorching ground. Carrying too much weight isn’t good for your cycling.

Making sure that racks are available on the ebike, you should also pay attention to see if there are as many as holes to stabilize heavy loads. Since long-distance travel could encounter all terrains, be it sloppy or bumpy, a large amount of well packed holes guarantee a fixed stable rack, which is strong enough to hold your package tightly. Also, unlike city routes covered by concrete, fenders are necessary for long range ebikes because riders may traverse muddy, grassy or sandy paths where protection for the rider is needed.

The battery life counts as well. In addition to manpower, the power brought by the battery sustains most miles on your journey. However, there is no denying that no matter how long the battery can sustain, it is no perpetual motion that can drives the motor until the end of time, so taking a spare battery turns out to be a good choice, sparing your worries about the lack of power during several days of riding, or you could simply choose a large capacity battery in the first place, once for all. As the average battery in the market approximates 48V, a 52 V type is something extraordinary.

The comfort of electric bicycles is another detail that people often take for granted, but actually many subtleties can be overlooked. For example, the design and material of the saddle weigh heavy on sitting comfort, and the distance between the saddle and pedals also matters in this regard. While most consumers seek an overall comfort in cycling that works in most cases, a qualified long range ebike holds a stricter standard in comfort because a little discomfort or misfit will be infinitely magnified due to the long time you spend on the road. Therefore, it is suggested to test the cycling on your own or check on cycling trails before you take it. Make sure your target bike befits your leg and bottom.

We also need to take into account various emergencies that may occur during long distance cycling such as brake failure, tire blowout, etc… More often than not, long range traveling explores wild seneraries, which also means it is often unable to find a repair shop within a short time, so in choosing long range eike try to choose a model with a simple structure, for simpler things are less likely to be damaged, and even if they are damaged, they can be easily repaired or replaced with needed spares. Meanwhile, it also imposes higher quality of spare parts. For example, considering potential tire failure ahead, it is better to equip a fat tire that can stand the wear and tear on the road. Thinking ahead will always do you a favor.

To some extent, a mountain electric bike can serve as a ideal reference for those who are seeking a long range ebike. As usual, we choose the model according to the road conditions we may take, yet a long-distance riding probably would meet a variety of road conditions, so it is fair to consider a mountain model with thick fat tires and shock absorbers as a option. Surely, consumers have every right to shortlist their long rang ebike candidates until they decide “the one”, but start with a mountain ebike like Magicycle might save you a great effort, for all these details discussed here are carefully taken by this type.

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