Tesla Cybertruck – Is It Plagiarism? We Present You The Logicar!

Denmark has always been the place which contributed a lot to the car manufacturing and car innovations, in fact, they have been involved into the industry ever since its beginnings. From the period between 1888 and 1908 eight different car models were produced. Viborg was one of the places in Denmark where cars had been produced during that period. However, many things have changed after 1908 and Viborg lost its hope of having a car factory. But why is this Danish so important nowadays? Well, the reason is quite simple and connects two different vehicles, the Tesla Cybertruck and the Logicar.

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We have all heard about the Cybertruck since it struck the internet like a storm after its unveiling but most of us are wondering, what is a Logicar? Well, the answer is fairly simple. Many speculate that Tesla might have gotten the inspiration for their new truck from the Logicar.

It might sound silly but let us be honest, both vehicles, even though their production is 35 years apart, look pretty much identical. This is one of the main reasons why Tesla is blamed for plagiarism. However, all of us are interested in the story behind this Danish car and why no one has ever heard about it.

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Well, no one has ever heard about simply because this car was never really being mass produced. Remember about Viborg? Johannes Pedersen had a lot of experience in cars, so he started his own production of car parts and had the great idea to finally make Viborg a famous place for the production of cars.

Along with his fellow visionaries began designing the Logicar in, a car that was so special mainly because of its extravagant look and the fact that it was so lightweight.

It as built from fiberglass; thus, it was completely different than anything before. Also, another feature about it was that you could easily transform this vehicle from a passenger car into a truck. All you had to do was to remove the rear cab section and you are good to go. The car was supposed to work like a charm and this is why it gained interest even by VW.

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Besides the interest from VW, Pedersen was determined to succeed in his idea to produce the Logicar in Viborg and this is why he refused every offer. A lot of money were required to produce this car before 1983 and this is where the story about this wonder had pretty much ended.

Fairly soon everything went wrong for the designer and even though there was so much interest in the car, no one really invested in it. What was once supposed to be a start of something very special, turned out to be the end of a very prolific car`s enthusiast career.

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However, Elon Musk definitely thinks differently and as we can see based on the design, he is willing to give a second chance to this forgotten piece of history, of course, by manufacturing the Tesla Cybertruck. Let us all hope that the Tesla truck will not be faced with the same destiny as Logicar.

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