Limited Production Supercar: Citroen GT! Must See!

Is there anybody on Earth who is not completely thrilled about the launch of the new and insanely looking Citroen GT? It may be not the most outrageous news considering the French market, but we shall still try to cheer you up by telling you that Citroen approved a run of its amazing GT by Citroen supercar for production.

As we recently found out, the French autobuilder had a major interest on putting this car into very limited production. According to our sources, only six of these beasts are going to be designed, and they are estimated around £ 1.1 million. Rumor has it that this monster shall boost about 500 horsepower and shall have a carbon-fiber construction and more than exquisite interior and exterior. We will keep in touch with the next news from the upcoming Frankfurt show in September.

Finally, you can find one of the best pieces of information about this amazing car on this link!