Letting the Whole Road Know Who You Are

When a person buys or leases a vehicle from you, there are a lot of parts to the transaction that can get complicated or its not easy the whole road to know who you are. But then, once the person has successfully driven off of the lot with their lovely new vehicle, it’s easy to become forgettable rather quickly. The fact of the matter is when you sell cars, you become a commodity to an extent, and a lot of your moat has more to do with your name recognition than with any specific thing you do or don’t do.

Letting the Whole Road Know Who You Are 2

Name recognition is a significant part of your marketing process, and MBR Marketing, Inc. has done a lot of work in this field. When people know who you are as a brand, they are more likely to come back to you than if they didn’t know this.

Of course, most people would protest having a giant wrap around their vehicles, declaring how awesome your dealership is, even if it’s completely true and might score them a discount. What are you supposed to do?

Stickers and plates

When your dealership is just starting, there’s the temptation to put a sticker on each vehicle you sell. After all, you want to proudly proclaim the fact that your dealership is doing great business and helping people get into great cars or trucks.

On the other hand, there’s also the fact that most buyers don’t want to overtly feel as if they are a rolling billboard for your company. They aren’t extracting any profit from this, right?

Some higher-end dealerships will have additional nameplates put onto the back of the vehicle. This looks nice and lasts a long time, and very few people will object to it for these reasons. Of course, there’s also the issue that it can get quite expensive.

As well, if there’s already another dealership’s name emblazoned on the back, you might find yourself in trouble with confusion about who the person actually bought their vehicle from. The last thing you want is to be directly associated with one of your competitors.

Framing the plates

One of the things that many people do without consciously realizing that they are doing so is looking at the license plate in the back. When you’re rolling up behind someone, especially at a stoplight, there may be nothing else of interest to do in the short run.

Hopefully, most people aren’t going to whip out their phones every time they have five seconds of downtime. This is where the license plate can get extra useful to you.

The use of custom license plate frames can be a highly effective way to get your name out there in a subtle form.

While there’s no requirement that the person keeps the plate frame on there, usually, these frames look nice and end up staying because it would be too much trouble to take them off. Your name gets out there, even if people don’t consciously realize it.