LED Headlights Vs. Halogen Headlights; What’s Better?

In the automotive industry, The debate of LED vs. Halogen headlights never ends. As you know, the headlights of a car are more than just a safety measure. Headlights not only help you see in the dark but they also allow other drivers to see you as well. You may not know it, but the headlights of your save you from several potential accidents every night you go out. As the roads get busier, the automotive industries make it their goal to provide better and more reliable features for cars. One of the leading new features is the introduction of LED headlights. But the debate continues, LED or Halogen?

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What Are LED Headlights?

LED headlights or Light Emitting Diode Headlights, are simple units that consist of semiconductors. These semiconductors illuminate when an electric current passes through them, making them very simple yet useful. Although they are more expensive than Halogen lights, their advantages outweigh Halogen Headlight`s cost leverage. If you wish to install them in your car, we advise you to go for LED headlights by iilumo. Not convinced to opt for LED headlights yet? The following advantages will make you fold in no time. 


  • Safety.

LED lights offer better lighting making them a very safe option. Since the working of LED headlights is very simple and easy, there are little to no chances of you facing any issues with your headlights.

  • Environmental friendly.

LED headlights use much less energy than halogen or HID headlights. They drain less power from the vehicle which, at the end of the day, saves power. Most new electric cars have LED headlights for this exact reason; to conserve every bit of energy possible.

  • Durability.

LED headlights have much higher efficiency than Halogen lights due to their properties. They are energy efficient and have much longer durability than light bulbs or Halogen headlights.

  • Brighter light.

One of the best qualities of LED headlights that outweighs Halogen headlights is their productivity. LED headlights cast a vast light pattern on the road making it easier for you to look at the road. LEDs also provide brighter light as the light produced is white instead of yellow like Halogen Headlights.


  • More expensive than halogen lights.

The disadvantage of LED headlights is that it is more expensive than halogen lights.

  • Replacing your LED headlight at the end of its life will be expensive and complex.

Although LED headlights have long life durability, they do eventually come to an end. And when that time comes, you will probably face difficulty replacing them due to their array of individual LEDs. Moreover, LED lights are expensive so a new LED headlight will not be easy on your pocket.


Halogen headlights were standard for the automotive industry for years but have now been replaced by LED headlights and you can`t say it`s without reason. For obvious reasons, LED headlights are much more favorable than halogen headlights. But, at the end of the day, it is a personal choice. You know what suits you better and what you require. If you can spend a little extra dime in exchange for better quality, go for LED headlights.