Learjet Limousine – A Car That Is Simply Too Good To Pass By!

Every now and then we come across a car that manages to throw us out of the chair.  A car that was never seen before and a car that will probably never be seen again. This was exactly our reaction when we came across the Learjet Limousine. Yes, a jet and a car, can you imagine it? You do not have to imagine anything though, because this crazy car is as real as it can get. Moreover, this car can be yours too because it is going to hit an auction very soon!

amazing learjet limousine 1

It is true that whenever the word limousine crosses your mind, the first thing that pops up are cars in the likes of Cadillac XTS or even a Lincoln MKT. We must admit though, that throughout history there have been some crazy limousine builds. However, the Learjet Limousine is by far the craziest one that we have ever seen. So, what is so special about this car then? Well, take a step back and allow us to explain some of the crazy details and features that this monster has!

amazing learjet limousine 2

First and foremost, let us start with the things we can actually see. As its name suggests, this is a perfect blend between a jet and a car. It is based on an actual jet and everything you see is custom built. Instead of jet engines, the Learjet Limousine features 8.1- liter V8 engine from GM. This crazy machine was supposed to be auctioned at the Mecum Indy 2020 auction; however, it was later postponed for the end of June. This means that anyone who is interested and has some extra cash in their pocket can go for it.

amazing learjet limousine 3

However, you are probably wondering now, why would you buy a car that is illegal to drive? Well, guess what, this car is as legal as it can get and you can take it for a ride wherever you like! Of course, achieving all of this was not easy at all. Exotic Coach, a Chicago-based company, managed to do this but it took then well over 40,000 hours to finish it. It was not easy at all and the fact that it took more than two years to build it speaks for its complexity.

amazing learjet limousine 4

Also, it is worth mentioning that the place of the jet engines was taken over by massive speakers. Their use is pretty straightforward i.e. they play jet engines sounds. The amazing Learjet Limousine measures 42ft by 8ft, has crazy-looking 28-inch wheels and the interior is something that else too! As you can see from the pictures, on the inside there are 4 screen that captures each angle of the car. Since this is a very long car, it is good to know that there are cameras all around the car that will assist you while driving it.

amazing learjet limousine 5

Even though this car is as unusual as it can get, there is no doubt that fairly soon this car will find its buyer. Our assumption is that the car will be sold for a six-digit number for sure! Take a good look at it!