Land Rover Range: Which Model Best Fits Your Lifestyle?

If you know about larger vehicles that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, there`s a good chance that you`re familiar with the Land Rover Range. There are several different styles of this vehicle, though, and you might not be sure which one to get if you`re thinking about purchasing one sometime soon. Before looking for a Land Rover dealer near Goodyear, you`ll likely want to study some of the available models to determine which one will be ideal for your lifestyle. This handy guide can help you make your choice.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport

You might be looking for a Land Rover that does well with ice and snow. While all of them perform reasonably well in these types of conditions, the Discovery Sport has an edge that the others do not.

It`s able to grip the roads when you`re doing some inner-city driving, but you should also do well when you`re off-roading out of town. You can get one with five or seven-passenger seating. You should also enjoy the 4,409 pounds of towing capacity, the leather steering wheel, and the ambient interior lighting.

Land Rover Defender

This will be the choice for any car enthusiast who likes the very latest tech in their vehicle. The Defender has several updates over previous models, including your choice of a two or four-door design. It also has Terrain Response, which adjusts your vehicle to correspond to any driving conditions you encounter. With a few button taps, you inform the vehicle about your preferences, and it makes several adjustments for safety and comfort.

You get the choice of a Mild-Hybrid V6 engine, or you can go with a Turbocharged 14 instead. You should also enjoy the two-speed transfer case and the full-time four-wheel drive.

Land Rover Discovery

The Discovery is a model that you`ll likely find best if you`re going to be bouncing along over uneven terrain. While all these vehicles were built with less-than-ideal road conditions in mind, this is probably the one that you`ll feel the most comfortable driving up a mountain to go fishing by a secluded lake.

It has up to 8,201 pounds of towing capacity, which is great if you`d like to haul some supplies in a trailer behind you. The 83.7 cubic feet of cargo space should also come in handy.

You can get it with the turbocharged diesel engine, or you might want to go with the supercharged gas option instead. The Terrain Response 2 system is what makes this vehicle stand out, though. It`s what allows you to select from among several customized driving modes. Inform the vehicle what surface you`re driving on, and it makes the appropriate adjustments.

Any of these vehicles will do well for you if you`re planning on tackling tough driving conditions, but consider whether you`ll be bouncing over uneven terrain, you want the latest tech, or you`re in an environment that gets lots of snow and ice in the winter. Then, pick the model that corresponds to that situation.