Check Out This LB Performance Lamborghini Aventador!

When Lamborghini is mentioned, the one is talking about one of the most affluent and most prestigious automotive brand in the world. But, when one used to mention “Liberty walk” then it was not even worth developing further discussion. But, it is no longer the case. Now, when you mention Liberty walk, you mention a miracle. You mentioned LB Performance Lamborghini.

Recently we got the chance to meet such Lamborghini in Japan. When we first saw the car we were left with our mouths open. It was unbelievable! We just couldn’t stop staring. Everything just seemed unreal. When we came to our senses from all of that perfection, we started with the shoot in the quiet winter night. While shooting the car, there were other shootings taking place at the same spot, so we decided to move. Even though we did that, the other spot was not as tranquil as we thought it would be.

There we met an owner of a M6 who was very pleased to have found some company. He was so amazed by the car that he asked if we could take some photos of him and the vehicle which later he could put on the Internet. When we finished shooting we still could not get enough of seeing the car. It really was a combination of style and character which only people from Japan can make become reality. All we have to say in the end is that the LB Performance Lamborghini is really a magnificent art work and all such vehicles should be put out in the streets so that people can admire art and not be hidden in the garage.

Anyway, find out something more about the Aventador engine!

lamborghini aventador by liberty walk 6