Lamborghini Aventador vs Mustang GT – Amazing Drag Race!

There is something special and exciting in a street race against two powerful and super fast sports cars. The spontaneity and the urge to find out who the winner is going to be at the end is one of the aspects that make these videos one of a kind. Hereby, it is time to take a look at yet another powerful street race, a race between two absolute monsters going head to head to prove which one is better. We are talking about none other than the exclusive Lamborghini Aventador on one side, and the mighty Mustang GT on the other.

Lamborghini Aventador vs Mustang GT Amazing Drag Race 2

Yes, it is finally time to see which one is faster and more powerful, something that we have wanted to find out for a long time. There are couple of things that add more excitement to this video, such as the different videos from both of the cars and the fact that there are many other drivers on the highway as well, so the racers need to be extremely careful and cautious.

First of all we see a video from the Lamborghini Aventador filming the Mustang GT and they are about to race at a 40mph roll start. Even though it is a tough start and both cars are furious, it seems that the Aventador has the lead but eventually the Mustang GT managed to catch up with it.

There are couples of other street races between them, so you definitely have to check out the full video for more!