Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet ‘THE EXECUTIVE’! A 1970 CHEVY CHEVELLE SS By JH Restoration At 2016 SEMA SHOW!

We all have to admit that some people really have a good imagination, as well as a sense of humor, and know how to dub their powerful rides, the right and the proper way. For example, here we have one of the most beautiful and most significant Detroit muscles at this year`s SEMA! And, as you could have read in the title, its nickname is quite `ear-pocking`, The Executive!

It`s one of the most iconic cars in the entire history of the American muscles, the 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS. And this awesome specimen is a rebuilt product of the JH Restoration garage, from Riverside, California, who had really done a superb job with this vintage muscle.

Under the hood, there is the massive and powerful 502 cubic inch V8 engine, that delivers about 600 HP, mated to the 4I80E Automatic Transmission, and a 12-bolt posi rearend. There are many other custom made components in this beautiful 1970 Chevelle, but we`re not going to waste your time with it now, but we`ll leave you to watch the video below in peace, and feast your eyes with The Executive, and feel its charm!

So, check it out, and enjoy. And if you want to see many other outstanding Detroit muscles that were displayed at this year`s SEMA, and want to learn a few things about them, click here.