Jeep Wrangler Vehicle on 30″ Honking Donk Dub Rims!

Check out this amazing Jeep Wrangler Vehicle on 30″ Donk Dub Rims!

We all love that classic JEEP WRANGLER that we recognize everywhere we go! It is been around us since ever! We remember that Harrison Ford movie “Six Days Seven Nights” where this Jeep had its role! But, that was back in 1998, the one you are about to see in this footage is a 2007 version! And its look is kind of changed! It is been slightly pimped with the 30″ DONK DUB RIMS!!! We must say they look good on it, as they make it a bit taller and tougher!!! Take a look at this video and see whether you like it or not!

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Enjoy the video below!

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