JDM Legend RX-7: Wonderful Copy of Hot Wheels!

JDM Legends RX7

When you see this car, especially the way it is painted, you will immediately understand that this car was made far before you were born. But, if it is a bit elderly, it does not mean that it is outdated. All rules in fashion actually support this statement. There are a lot of factories, for example, or companies, that produce old-school stuff which are very “in”. However, it does not mean that this vehicle was fully and completely inspired by the past. Actually, this JDM legend RX-7 is a replica of a children`s toy. Nevertheless, this vehicle looks really amazing. This wonderful copy of Hot Wheels was greatly paid attention to because it was being prepared for the JCCS.

If you met this car, let`s say a month ago, you would have found it in a more primitive state. A company called LDM Legends deals with finding Japanese vehicles and importing them to America, but who would have thought that they are able to find such an exquisite car that features a 12A engine that works at the first try. When the team members found out that what kind of car they are going to work with and the time limit they are facing, they decided to pay attention to the external appearance first. As for the exterior of the car, it features Mariah IMSA rear wing and a copy of IMSA body kit directly sent from Japan.

Even though costly, the 15×10/11 Work wheels are perfect for this car. When almost everything was ready when talking about the exterior, it was final time for the car to get painted and polished. From a technical and mechanical point of view, one must highlight the fact that this car has a very good exhaust system and upgraded HKS filter. Since the main function of this vehicle is to be a track car, the team included equipment such as for example the Tokico HTS shocks which are paired with Techno Toy Tuning plates.

As for the interior of this JDM legend, the seats are currently being made and the whole idea about the interior is soooo 80s. Burgundy will be the main color of the internal part of the car, while the details are a unique remainder of the 80s era. However, this vehicle has been upgraded with an old-school HKS boost gauge and with a FEED floor mats. Even though this car is not still fully ready, it really looks great and is very inspirational for a lot of car lovers.

JDM Legends RX7 2

JDM Legends RX7 3

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