Japan Agriculture Technology & Modern Rice Cultivation!

Check out this amazing video showing you the latest Japan Agriculture Technology and also the modern rice cultivation in one of the most sophisticated country in the world.

Japan Agriculture Technology 2

The farmers in Japan are getting very old and the young people does not want to replace them and inherit their parents’ or relatives’ farm. In only 3 years from know almost all the farmers in Japan will be over 70 years old according to the Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Therefore, sales of the sophisticated machines that can improve the farming process are selling very good at the moment. A lot of robots, robotic suits, automated machinery, cloud computing and new farming methods are being used in order to develop the agriculture.

However, some of the young farmers are also finding some new ways to make the agriculture more attractive and profitable. It’s amazing how the Japan’s farmers are using the best modern technology rice, vegetables & fruits with the most modern machine technology, robotics and advanced tools. It might take several years to implement and develop these innovative techniques, gadgets and methods but in few years from now they will increase the production and be more profitable for sure.

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Posted by C-VP on Saturday, August 5, 2017