Is It Worth It to Buy Paint Protection Film for My Car?

Are you aware that the average new car is over $45,000? With car prices skyrocketing, there’s never been a better time to protect your investment. With ongoing maintenance and car paint protection film (PPF), you can maintain your car’s finish. Read on to learn why buying a paint protection film for your car is the right choice!

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What Is Paint Protection Film?

A paint protection film is a polyurethane-based, clear material that can be applied to the surface of your car. It should look invisible, but it can expand and contract as it bonds to your car’s surface.

The paint protection film cost will vary depending on the technician’s experience applying it. You may spend a few thousand dollars on PPF. But if you only cover certain areas of the car, that can reduce the price.

The full PPF cost is a true investment in preserving new car paint. And if you don’t have a garage or simply keep your car outside, it’s worth it.

Protect Your Car’s Paint

Even the most careful driver can’t avoid flying debris on the road. Salt, sand, and other debris can ding your car and scuff its finish. But when you add PPF to your existing clear coat, you upgrade the level of protection.

With car paint protection film, you get a self-healing protectant, too. This means that smaller scratches and dings can disappear when a heat source, like the sun, is applied. This process occurs on a microscopic level due to the film’s adhesion to the paint.

Create a Flashier Finish

UV rays from the sun can damage the clear coat finish on your car, causing it to fade. Additionally, paint oxidation can cause discoloration that makes your car stand out — in a bad way. When you’ve already paid tens of thousands of dollars for a new car, why not ensure that it always looks good?

PPF in a high-gloss finish only will enhance the shiny look of your car’s paint job. The sleek PPF finish will last for up to a decade — and it can be removed safely. This is convenient if you lease a car and need to remove it without hurting the paint.

Keep Your Headlights Clear

One of the lesser-known advantages of PPF is that it can help your headlights, too. Headlights take on a lot when it comes to road debris. And on top of that, they’re doomed to run into insects during the summer months.

That’s where paint protection film can make life easier. Apply it to lights, bumpers, and handles to create a slippery surface.

The smooth surface will make cleaning off bugs and dirt a lot simpler. You won’t be scrubbing endlessly! And that translates to better visibility, especially when you’re driving at night.

Invest in Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film offers a way to protect your car’s finish from scratches and discoloration — and it’s worth the investment. You’ll preserve the luminous finish of your car’s original paint job. And you can even apply PPF to headlights for better visibility.

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