Interested In James Bond 1971 Mustang Mach 1? Now Up For Sale!

Secret agent 007 has been famous for its adoration of extravagant, high-performance cars since James Bond rode the amazing DB5 Aston Martin in the sequel Goldfinger.  Many of those cars have been put on sale, among which is the single Mustang he took a ride in. Forty-two unique James Bond cars including  seventeen replicas are put on sale in the Museum Miami Auto. Their price reached up to amazing 33 million dollars. The 1971 Mustang Mach 1 is in property of Tiffany Case  known as Jill St. John. In one of its most breathtaking scenes, which is impossible to forget, Bond took a turn in a cramped lane as he drove on the 2 passenger-side tires and made an exit on the tires on the side of the driver. To clean up the mess, a scene was add by the producers, among the exit and entrance shots that gives inarguable picture of Case and Bond switching sides.


The lot contains not only the 1971 Mustang Mach 1, but the bronze and white Turbos Lotus Esprit from  “From your eyes only” 1981`s the Mustang and the only drivable Esprit from “The spy who loved me” 1977`s. The film contained 007 driving his Lotus through a wharf right in water and turning it into a submersible.

The Defender Land Rover and A5 Audi from Skyfall are also included, Aston Martin DB5 1966 are part of the famous and incredible Goldeneye, and the  Aston Martin V12 2001 Vanquish from “Die another day”. The movie included how the Vanquish had a characteristic that made it seem unseeable to others.

There is a duplicate or a tribute to the Aston Martin that firstly belonged to Bond— DB5 1964 that presented an ejector seat between a lot of supersecret components . George Lazenby known as the previous James Bond drove this very Db in “The return of the fan from UNCLE.

Cars are not the only thing on this owner`s mind. The new owner will possess a tank from Goldeneye, a copy of dragon tank that leaves you breathless from Dr. No,  Kawasaki Z900 1976 with torpedo sidecar showed in “The spy who loved me”, and a Fairey Huntress 23`  boat, which was authorized by the James Bond movie and also the very first known vehicle connected with it.

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