Insane Nissan Skyline With a Huge V12 Engine and 4 Turbos!

Check this Insane Nissan Skyline with a huge V12 engine and 4 turbos owned by Luc-Michel Faichaud!

We are about to show you a short video where an AWESOME Nissan Skyline will appear! What is so awesome about it is the thing hidden under the hood!!! To be more precise without keeping you waiting, this MONSTER has 4 TURBOS in it as well as a GIANT V12 engine! Who knows what numbers would come out if this was taken for a DYNO test! Unfortunately, this video is pretty short and we cannot see the actual motor, but it is still worth looking! That was probably enough and you cannot wait to see this BEAST! Take a look then!

At last, look at this insane engine which is maybe one of the greatest ever produced! Check it out on this link!

Enjoy the video below!


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