The Man Who Walked 21 Miles to Work NOW HAS A 2015 Ford Taurus!

This week we got all touched by the very emotional story of James Robertson, a factory worker who was commuting 21 miles to his workplace on foot. He was forced to do that for more than a decade, because his car broke down, and he did not have the sufficient amount of money to buy a new one. What is more surprising is that Mr. Robertson has successfully been punctual to his workplace, and he never allowed himself to be late to work. However, the things got brighter. Impressed by his personality and his heartbreaking story, a Ford dealership from Detroit, decided to surprise James with a brand new 2015 Ford Taurus!

Apart from the fact that this gift solves the long lasting problem of James, we must add that this car is also the car of his dreams and the happiness that he felt during the surprise, will surely make you cry. So, as this Ford dealership did in Michigan, maybe some other dealer will donate car to charity California or some else can donate a car in Maryland or ca n donate cars in MA or in some other states or just can donate car for tax credit anywhere in the US.

Finally, we must mention that James has inspired other people from the country. Among them is Evan Leedy, a 19 year old student who managed to collect donations of over $50 000 for Mr. Robertson.

To see the footage where Robertson receives his 2015 Ford Taurus, click on the video bellow.

However, the Taurus is nice, but this still remains the men’s dream!