How to Run an Award-Winning Auto Repair Shop

Brand awareness is extremely important to your automotive repair shop. The more recognition your shop receives for their performance, the more new business you can attract. Though there are a number of ways to make your repair shop a household name, word of mouth remains one of the most efficient. Essentially, to get people talking about your products and services, automotive shop owners and staff must work daily to provide award-winning services for positive customer experience. If you`ve been looking for ways to make a name for your auto repair shop in this highly competitive industry, consider these tips below:

How to Run an Award-Winning Auto Repair Shop 2

Hire Experienced Staff

Your automotive shop can only be as successful as those who work for you. Therefore, it is important to take your time in selecting employees to work at your shop. Not only should potential employees have the proper education, training, and certifications to be mechanics, but they should also be team players, have strong interpersonal skills, and know the basics of providing friendly customer service. 

Provide Training Opportunities

As advanced technologies in the automotive industry continue to evolve, it is important for mechanics and auto techs to continually educate themselves on these changes to provide efficient services. Make sure that your team is afforded the opportunity to grow professionally by enrolling them in online training programs, seminars, and conferences where they can learn the latest in the industry. 

Reward Good Work

As your mechanics and support staff are the individuals providing outstanding services to your customers, it is important to let them know how appreciative you are for their hard work.

You can start an employee of the month program to promote growth, boost morale, and improve productivity. Your team will be motivated to put their best foot forward in order to receive a plaque with their name and photo or a trophy for excellent customer service. 

Offer Multiple Services

One way of being known as an award-winning automotive repair shop is to offer multiple services to your customers. If a customer can come to your shop and have everything from oil changes and tire rotations to brake and engine repair at your shop, this saves them a lot of time and money.

It also increases the chances of customers returning to your shop for business in the near future. Based on the combined knowledge and professional experience of you and your team, determine what services you can provide to your customers for added convenience.

Invest in Advanced Technologies, Tools, and Equipment

To streamline processes in the workplace while also boosting customer satisfaction, automotive repair shop owners should invest wisely in advanced technologies, tools, and equipment.

Providing the most efficient solutions to make your team`s job easier essentially reduces their stress (and workload) allowing them to execute tasks quicker. This, in turn, gets satisfied customers back on the road faster.

Provide Conveniences for Customers

Everything about having to get your car repaired is inconvenient. From not having a reliable means of transportation to having to wait several hours for their car to be repaired, there`s a lot to deal with. Making this process more convenient for customers can really work to your advantage.

Install a television in your waiting area with cable tv or movies to keep customers entertained, provide free snacks and beverages, have customers` cars picked up for service and dropped off upon completion, or offer affordable car rentals for customers who really need to get around. 

Get Involved in Your Community

Today`s consumers are more impressed and inclined to do business with organizations that give back to their communities. Consider some ways your shop could support members of your community. You could donate a portion of your profits to a local charity or non-profit organization, sponsor a sports team, partner with local schools and churches, or promote other small businesses.

Your auto shop can also get involved with causes in the industry like Vehicles for Change which is a program that helps families to achieve financial independence through car ownership and technical training. 

If you want your automotive shop to get the recognition it deserves, you can start by making changes to provide your customers with award-winning products and services. In implementing these practices in your repair shop, you are sure to see a significant improvement in employee and customer satisfaction which equates to positive recognition for your brand.