How to Protect the Paint on Your Truck

The paint on your truck is a valuable investment that deserves proper care and attention. It is often the first thing people notice when they see your truck, and it pays to make a good impression. You can use your paint job to advertise your services or set yourself apart from other drivers on the road. But a quality paint job can easily cost several thousand dollars or more depending on the design, so be sure to protect the coat you have.

A good paint job should last between 10 to 15 years with regular maintenance. Vehicle paint is susceptible to all kinds of wear and tear, including dirt, debris, bad weather, UV rays and extreme temperatures. Use this guide to avoid ruining the look of your truck:

Keep Your Engine Cool

Diesel engines run hot but too much heat can damage your engine and your paint job, including around the exhaust and on the hood. When various parts of the engine heat up and cool down, it causes the paint to crack and decompose faster than it normally would.

Keep your truck parked in the shade whenever possible to protect it from the rays of the sun and excess heat. Put a cover over your truck when it`s parked on hot days. Be sure to maintain your diesel engine`s exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system to stop the exhaust gas and engine from overheating. Watch out for coolant leaks, blue exhaust emissions, poor fuel efficiency and other signs the cooler needs to be replaced. Replace your EGR coolers regularly when hauling heavy loads to improve engine performance.

Some truck models are known to be especially problematic. The Ford Powerstroke 6.0 comes with a faulty EGR cooler that can damage engine components. Find replacement EGR coolers 6.0 to resolve the issue.

Wash, Dry, Repeat

The road can be a dirty place and all that debris can quickly ruin the look of your most prized possession. It`s best to clean your truck as soon as it starts to show dirt and other stains like dead bugs and bird droppings. If you let these imperfections dry and crust over, you could damage your paint job when you try to remove them later. It only takes a few seconds to wipe off dirt and debris. Keep a clean rag handy in case things get dirty. Always remove dirt and grime before you start scrubbing your vehicle or you accidentally scratch the paint.

Wash your vehicle at least once a week to make your paint job last. You may need to use a power washer or a pressurized hose to remove stuck on grime, especially when off-roading.

Add Wax

Many drivers forget to add wax after washing their trucks, but this is your paint job`s first line of defense against wear and tear. You have to wax your truck right after it`s been allowed to dry following a proper washing. Not all waxes are made equal. Read reviews online to make sure the wax will hold up against the elements. If you forget to add wax after washing, don`t add it when your car is dirty or you will just seal in the dirt. You can take the added step of adding a paint sealant to give the surface a glossy look, but the sealant will highlight any imperfections with the paint.

Practice Safe Driving

If you`re serious about protecting the paint on your truck, you need to drive safely. Nothing will damage the paint job like a fender bender or side swipe. Even minor accidents can lead to scratches and dents that can be expensive to fix, especially if you paid for a custom design.

Give yourself plenty of space when navigating traffic and parking areas. You also can`t watch your vehicle 24/7. Forces beyond your control can ruin your paint job when you least expect it. Avoid parking in dim areas or tight spots that can leave your truck vulnerable to damage. Keep your truck parked in a secure room-temperature location whenever possible for more peace of mind.

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What Is the Best Paint Color for Trucks?

Black is the best and most durable paint color for diesel trucks. It absorbs more energy than other colors while dissipating more heat to prevent hood and exhaust from overheating. That can make all the difference when you`re towing a big payload in the middle of summer. It also hides scuffs and stains better than other colors, so you don`t have to obsess over every little blemish. Black may not be the most exciting color, but it is sure to pass the test of time.

Paint is like the skin of your truck. If something is wrong on the inside, it`s bound to show up on the surface eventually. Replace your diesel parts before problems arise to keep your truck in mint condition. The paint on your truck sends a clear message to other drivers and potential clients, and nothing beats the shine and gloss of a well-maintained paint job. Take these steps to insulate the surface of your vehicle from the many hazards of the world.