How to Launch Your Own Cleaning Business

Have you always wanted to start a cleaning business? From budgeting to branding, there are a lot of critical factors to consider. But if you hammer out the details and hustle, you can turn your penchant for cleaning into a profit. Read on to learn how to start a cleaning business!

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Create a Business Plan

With any business, crafting a business plan is a good initial step. This is where you will map out your mission statement and goals. You’ll want both short-term and long-term goals — and checkpoints where you can assess progress.

Determine your niche and articulate it in your plan. Are you hoping to work with homeowners or office buildings? Do you want to focus only on carpet cleaning?

Spreading yourself too thin early on can result in burnout. If you’re flying solo, you may be better off working with individual homeowners. Plan to start cleaning yourself before hiring employees, too.

Know Your Budget When Starting a Cleaning Business

It’s dangerous to dive into a new business without planning a budget first. If you’re hoping to turn a profit, you’ll need to know how much to set aside for supplies, employees, and start-up costs.

You may want to take out a business loan to cover initial costs. Just be sure to check the interest rate and determine a manageable repayment plan. Look into grants for small businesses, as well.

Handle the Logistical Matters

Wondering how to start a cleaning business? Before you don the gloves and get scrubbing, make sure you’re registered as a business. You may need to get a Doing Business As (DBA) license.

You’ll need to talk with your local government officials to determine what permits you need, too. Similarly, check on insurance needs and liabilities before you work at someone’s home.

Get the Right Equipment for Your Cleaning Business

Cleaning business equipment is crucial for you to do your job well. Set aside money for bigger purchases, like a vacuum or carpet cleaner. And track your inventory with items you’ll need frequently, like cleaning solutions or rags. 

Remember that you’ll want safety equipment, too. You may want shoe covers to protect floors in households you serve. Additionally, gloves and safety goggles will come in handy.

Look for deals on ordering in bulk to save money. Visit to find the cleaning equipment you need!

Develop a Marketing Strategy

When you start business cleaning services, you need to spread the good news. An active social media presence and website are critical toward this end. Determine a good logo and slogan, and put it on every email, document, and social media platform.

Keep a blog going on your website, too. With a blog, you can offer relevant information about your services. Better yet, you can sprinkle in keywords to help your website ascend to the top of the search results.

Start Running Your Business

Starting a cleaning business can be a rewarding career move. You’ll offer a service that’s needed and appreciated. And you’ll get to call the shots when it comes to clients and hours.

For more information to stay in the fast lane, check back for new articles.