How To Handle A Car Accident During A Business Trip

While traveling, the last thing on your mind is how to handle a car accident. Once you have been in a bad wreckage, your finances can be harmed. Additionally, the rules of the road in unfamiliar territory can make your situation more complex. This is why you should ensure you work with local attorneys to help you through this inconvenient situation. 


According to a car accident lawyer at Henningsen Injury Attorneys, business trip accidents should be dealt with as soon as possible before you return home. The evidence and information you need to prove you are owed compensation can be more difficult to gather when you return home. When you are in a car accident on your business trip, you should do the following:

Call 911 

After your car accident, you should call local authorities so you can receive immediate medical attention. The police will also arrive and submit a police report recording the details you provide about your car accident. 

Take Photographs

Like any car accident, you should gather evidence by taking pictures of your car accident. Be sure to take pictures of your damaged vehicle, the area of the accident, and damage done to other involved vehicles. 

Speak To A Local Attorney In Atlanta, Georgia Attorney

You will want to reach out to a car accident attorney locally. Because your car accident happened in a different region out of your home state, you may require someone licensed in that area. Additionally, every state has different jurisdictions. The local attorney will understand what is and is not illegal according to Georgia traffic law. You will require their help to ensure you receive a settlement by holding the other party responsible for their neglectful actions.

Georgia Traffic Laws That Differ From Other States

The traffic laws in your state may differ from Georgian laws. There are several laws making Atlanta unique. Here are some laws that may not be in your state that your attorney may hold the other party liable for:

Move Over Law

When there is an emergency vehicle on the road, it is required for other drivers move over. They must stop where they are by pulling to the side. 

No Cellphone Usage

Georgians are not allowed to text or talk on the phone while driving. They are required to use hands-free devices.  

Slow Poke Law

Drivers who go far below the speed limit can be pulled over and given a ticket.

No Headphones

No driver is allowed to be on the road with headphones in both of their ears. One ear is allowed.

Bicycles Are Vehicles Too 

Bicycles on the road are treated like vehicles and must follow traffic laws as well.

Next Steps You Should Take After Your Car Accident

Before you finish your business trip, speak to a car accident attorney local to where you were hurt. If you were not at fault, you need their help to determine how you will be compensated. Car accident lawyers will review your case and use the state`s traffic laws to determine how much you should receive in your settlement. The laws of your home state will not be applied to your car accident, which is why working with someone knowledgeable in Georgia law is absolutely necessary.