How to Care About the Heart of Your Car: Manual

How to Care About the Heart of Your Car Manual 2

Proper engine care and maintenance can save you a fortune on the parts and repair costs. If you love your car and want it to work well for the years to come read on how to give you vehicle the care it deserves, especially for the heart of your car.

1.      Oil and Additives

The best oil additive to stop smoke is the one that creates a barrier around motor parts. Using it you prolong the service life. This way you can help your  engine stop smoke as even when you start the car the motor parts are protected by the film. And you do not have to wait while the engine lubricates.

2.     Routine

Follow the proper oil change routine. The general guideline for the newer cars is to change the oil every 5000 miles. Remember to check your car manual and change the oil regularly.  The oil filters should also be changed together with the oil as they get blocked with particles.

3.     Air Filters

These should also be examined and changed regularly. Your engine needs fresh air to cool off. A filter is needed to keep dirt and bugs out while letting in clean fresh air only. If this dust barrier gets blocked your motor won`t be getting enough fresh air.

4.     Coolant

Remember to regularly check the coolant level regularly. The tanks are usually designed to be clear with a colored coolant liquid inside. This way you can easily check if the level is sufficient or not.

In case you notice that the level has gone below the mark you should immediately top it up. If you suspect a leak in the cooling system make sure to take your car to the repair shop right away for a check-up.

5.     Gas Tank

You might be right to rely on your fuel filter but the hard truth is that some of the sediment still gets through and falls out at the bottom of the tank.

Try not to run your gas level to the very bottom. This way you can make sure that no sediment gets into the engine. In the long run this useful habit will prolong the motor operational time. It is basically the heart of your car!

6.     Engine Belts

The belts are connected to the motor in order to run the air pump, fun, alternator and air conditioner. The engineering solutions might vary from one brand to another. Remember to check the belts regularly. Make sure they are in a good state and are positioned correctly.

How to Care About the Heart of Your Car Manual 1

7.     Spark Plugs

The plugs are used to generate a spark that ignites the gas when you start a car. Most car manufacturers recommend changing them every 30000 miles. You should check your manual for more details on their location and operational times.

Changing plugs is pretty easy and quick even if you are not a mechanic. Your car will be very grateful for a regular spark plugs servicing.

8.     Continuous Speed

The motor is built to run smoothly and all sudden speed rate changes add stress to it. Make sure to drive smoothly and plan all your stops and accelerations in advance. This way you can prevent the moving parts from wearing out thus making them last longer and saving you money on the maintenance service. By taking care of the heart of your car you expand it’s lifetime!