How Much Does Car Detailing Cost? A Price Guide

Are you considering improving the interior or exterior of your car? Auto detailing is the process of restoring your vehicle to a near-mint condition. Detailing a car applies to the exterior, interior, or car engine. If you`re considering this restorative process, your next question is “how much does car detailing cost?” We`ll answer the question and other concerns related to car detailing in this guide. Continue reading to learn the right amount for
professional car detailing services.

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What Services Does Car Detailing Include?

Understand the services it covers before determining the final price. Knowing the work involved in car detailing allows better cost understanding.

For exterior and interior car detailing, expert services like:

  • Exterior washing and drying
  • Polishing or buffing
  • Sealing and waxing
  • Paint clay
  • Vacuuming
  • Scrubbing and brushing
  • Steam cleaning
  • Leather trimming perfuming
  • Ceramic coating
  • Paint correction
  • Paint protection filming

The length of time and the total cost depend on your desired services or work for your car. The status of your car before the detailing can also affect the length of time and cost. For example, if your car was very dirty or had many paint issues, the car detailing could take longer and cost more.

Most auto detailing companies offer a variety of packages. They may offer a more affordable and practical basic detailing package. It may include a hand wash, wax, tire cleaning, vacuuming, and wipe-down.

Some companies will offer a full service or complete detailing package. When you get the full service, it includes:

  • Superior wax
  • Interior detailing with steam extraction
  • Leather upholstery cleaning
  • Dent removal
  • White-wall tire cleaning
  • Underbody wash
  • Ozonation or odor removal
  • Engine cleaning

Keep in mind, every car detailing company will have different packages. Some shops may offer these as extra services, too. Most auto detailing shops can work on boats, motorcycles, or RVs.

How Much Does Car Detailing Cost?

Now, let`s discuss the car detailing costs. First, learn about certain factors affecting the cost of your car detailing. Examples of these factors include the size and condition of the car and your geographic location.

If you want to detail your car, expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $350 or more. If your vehicle’s size is average, you’ll likely pay between $50 and $125 for a basic package. For larger vehicles, you could pay between $75 and $150 for the same car detailing package.

If your vehicle’s condition is either dirty, worn, or run-down, you may pay a higher price. Average-sized cars will often cost you around $150 while a larger vehicle could cost $175 or more. If you avail of extra services, the car detailing company will include them in the final cost.

Example Prices of Car Detailing Services

Do you want to get a clearer picture of the price range of services excluded from the package?

First, leather detailing can cost from $45 to $60, depending on your car’s interior condition

The removal of odor or ozonation can cost as low as $2 up to $25 or $50. As for polish or wax services you’ll likely pay between $50 and $95. If you want to vacuum and shampoo the trunk and cargo area, you`ll spend $9 to $15.

You`ll notice that car detailing costs more than a regular car wash. It’s because the work involved in car detailing is more hands-on and labor-intensive. Car detailing also takes longer than a car wash because of the work involved, ranging between four and six hours.

If you want to get the most out of your car detailing budget, pick the best car detailing service around. The internet is a treasure trove of information. Look for trustworthy companies using the World Wide Web.

Benefits of Car Detailing

Car detailing is a key step to maintain or preserve your car. For example, in interior detailing, the trim and leather will fade and dry out when exposed to the sun`s UV rays. When you detail your car, you can restore the interior to its former glory.

It can also increase driving safety. For instance, glass cleaning in car detailing will improve your visibility. Frequent detailing can also keep your interior free of allergens.

The other benefits include stain removal and prevention, as well as protecting the upholstery. It keeps the vehicle interior free from unnecessary wear and tear. These benefits allowed the auto detailing industry to produce $12 billion in revenue in 2019.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Car Detailing Company

Here are a few things to remember when shopping around for the best car detailing service. First, look for a warranty to ensure their detailing service quality. It’s a red flag when a car detailing service lacks these warranties.

If you want to find the best auto detailing services, read reviews online. There`s a reason why more people are 92% more likely to trust recommendations than advertising. It’s because other people’s opinions are often free from bias and are more personal.

Another factor to consider is the car detailing company`s experience. Are they consistent with their work? Do they use quality products and tools?

You can learn about these things when reading reviews and testimonials about a company. A lot of online review sites contain unbiased reviews from past customers. Use these to your advantage to avoid working with unscrupulous providers.

Get Your Car Detailed for the Right Price Today

Now you`re familiar with the typical car detailing prices and services. You can now answer the next time you hear a friend or workmate asks you, “how much does car detailing cost?”

With that said, don`t expect your car detailing to cost the same as your friend`s car detailing. Remember, cars have some specific needs depending on their model and make.

We hope this guide to the cost of car detailing taught you something valuable. If you want to read more of our other educational guides on muscle cars, see our other posts now.