How A Driveaway Service Works?

Imagine you are moving to some other part of the country and are looking to move your vehicle. Though you may have a passion for driving, you will prefer someone to drive on your behalf. In such situations, you can choose the auto driveaway services. There is a demand for driveaway services where expert and verified drivers will drive your car on your behalf.  The terms of service of such agencies often differ from place to place. Here you will see how it works, who can do it and what would be the approximate cost.

How A Driveaway Service Works 1

How it works

America being a land of automobiles, thousands of cars, caravans, are driven across the country. As a result, many automobile companies and owners of vehicles are in constant need of drivers who can drive the cars to their destination. If you are a resident of Toronto and are looking for the best driveaway service Toronto has some of the most reputed service providers who offer reliable and affordable services. Companies that provide these services connect drivers with vehicles that need to be transported.

Individuals who are permitted to be a part of the service

If you are willing to drive on behalf of someone else, then you must be at least 23 years old and, hold a valid driver`s license. You need to be not only in possession of a valid passport along with an exit visa, if you are a foreign national, you also need to have a copy of driving record. Some of the more reputed driveaway companies conduct a comprehensive and thorough background check to avoid mishaps and they always look for an experienced driver. For enlisting as a driver in a driveaway service, you have to meet the requirements that are similar to car rentals. The difference in age limit is different in both the services, as the minimum age for car rentals starts from 21.

How far can you travel?

You can travel anywhere when it comes to such services. These deals can take you to a beautiful destination. You can decide as to which route to take but, there is a limitation as you will be paying the rental fees for each day. Also, as you are delivering someone else`s car or vehicle there is always a limit on the miles you cover and, the days you take to complete your trip.

How A Driveaway Service Works 3

Cost of driveaway services

At times, driveaway service is completely free as you can pick the car with full fuel and, you will be given a reasonable fuel allowance for your journey. Of course, if you are going to take a long route, then you will be spending more money and fuel. In the US, initially, you need to make a deposit that is fully refundable. The cost of driveaway service varies from one agency to another depending on the type of vehicle you choose. Also, accompanying with friends is an advantage as the total cost will be shared and, you will be paying less.